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Started in India in the 1700's, this recipe is over 300 years old.  It was brought to Trinidad and Tobago when the family relocated in 1891.  Made at every family gathering, and handed down from generation to generation, through word of mouth, the official recipe was never written down.  It was such a staple at every meal that the recipe was never forgotten.

It was made with local and seasonally available Caribbean ingredients and spices, and now, added notes of South American spices have since been infused to create a beautiful blend of heat and flavor.  This hot sauce is made with only the best ingredients, and we stand by our motto: "No nonsense. No preservatives. Pure realness" 

          ROCKAS presents DE REAL FIYA!

*Our hot sauce is always available for purchase directly from us. Email, call, or message here for bottles or cases.  For a list of other locations that also feature ROCKAS hot sauce be sure to email us at 

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